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Ms. Self Destruct [entries|friends|calendar]
Ms. Self Destruct

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News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated [Tuesday
March 24th, 2015
Hi. I am alive, and dare I say it... well?

It's been 5 years and I think I've come out the other end a whole new person. But not really. Just shiny(ish) and renewed.

I have a career. Got a job in October 2010 and never looked back. Worked until last July in Human Resources and I transferred into a Recruiter position this past summer. I work from home, in a beach town at a condo complex with a pool - hello summer Friday's with wifi and a laptop in the sun.
Definitely not what I ever envisioned for myself, but I am excelling and our board and my boss have noticed. It's a good feeling.

I've cut off contact with nearly every negative influence in my life. My mother aside. Barely speak to more than 2 people from high school, and until this past weekend, hasn't seen or heard from anyone from the golf club in 6 years. The woe-is-me co workers from my old department can't bring me down since I no longer see them on a daily basis. I joined a local barre studio, and the vibe of positive, strong women is so important for me to surround myself with, not to mention the total mental and physical workout.

Steven and I are still together. It'll be 8 years this MDW and it just works. Eventually we'll have to sort out living situations, but part of me also feels that being independent financially is the most important thing- I know this is influenced by my past and I have to deal with that, but I refuse not to be financially stable or to worry about where I'll be living a week from now.

In short, I grew up. I always lived fast and I have had experiences that many people much older than me still have not encountered, but I've moved forward with my life and am making the most of it. I'm not perfect and my life isn't perfect, but it is better. I've finally discovered that I can be happy and am making sure that I actually live it.
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December 22nd, 2012

friends only.
comment to be added.

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December 1st, 2012
Public Post.

moving my writing to a new journal. my life will still stay here... friends-only.
distancing this from the writing for awhile.
i need to.

i won't post the lj link here, but if you're interested in being added to that journal let me know and i'll add you.
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Important Public Service Announcement: [Monday
April 9th, 2007
For all of you that remembers when MTV actually had played music--and for those of you who don't quite remember back that far, but remembered when it wasn't all reality tv--then you're in for a treat. Remember the days of Jailbait? 2Gether? Daria? Undressed?
Tonight at midnight--50 minutes from now--MTV is airing a marathon of the show.

Uhhh yeah. If this show is coming back, or it means that MTV is going to try and suck less, than this is awesome.
But right now, honestly, I'm just stoked because I never saw all the episodes and I have a ton of work to do tonight so now I have a reason to stay up and do it instead of sleep and put it off for tomorrow...
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'cause when it's this cold, bottling up secrets only makes you a better target for hypothermia [Tuesday
December 12th, 2006
If you are reading this...you must anonymously post a deep secret in the comments.

Get it off your chest. I will play too.

Post more than once if you've been bottling it all up. December is a time for cleansing before the new year begins.
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